Surprise! You need a new rudder.

Upon having the boat hauled out and tucked into the furthest corner of the yard (the marina presumably anticipating delays, setbacks, and generalized newbie-mayhem on our part), my worst fears were put to rest. No boat-pox! Boat-pox is a malady that affects fiberglass boats of a certain age, caused by osmotic pressure forcing water under the outer layer of glass, and is expensive and laborious to fix. With a sigh of relief heaved, my attention was drawn to the rudder, which closely resembled the bad guys from Pirates of the Caribbean. That is, covered in barnacles, full of Teredo holes, and rotting away. If this is the only surprise “Old Salt” has in store, I’ll be happy and well, surprised.

2 thoughts on “Surprise! You need a new rudder.

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